Do you have the courage to be you?

Do you have the courage to be you? Do you allow space for your creativity or do you hide it away because it causes fear?

Many people know me as the blind senior art director, and may know of the journey I have been on the last few years. I decided to love life and enjoy its opportunities even though I slowly become blind. It succeeded, among other things, by learning to bring mindfulness into my everyday life, but to a great extent also by becoming more courageous.

Courage is a prerequisite for personal development. The ability to lovingly defy the inner voice that says: You can’t. The ability to welcome the unfamiliar.

One of the ways I developed my courage was to become a speaker, writing a book AND daring to outlive one of my secret passions – singing! I always sing and whistle!

As I trained my mind to become more courageous, I decided to do more about it than just thinking about it. I started DOING instead of just THINKING. I started recording cover songs of music I have loved all my life. But I did more than that – I started sharing it with the world. Ha ha I love music and here it is!

Do you have the courage to be you? Do you live up to your potential? Do it now! You will not regret it!

Don’t die with your music still in you ❤️

How to become a master of your life

Have you ever imagined how your future could be? Have you thought the thought, “if I had just said yes to that opportunity which appeared that time in the past”. Have you had a feeling that you could do a lot more, be much more brave? And maybe you came so far in your stream of thoughts that you could almost see yourself doing brave things in the future. It was so real for a moment that you could feel it.

I think we all have had that feeling – I know I have – and maybe you have that feeling right now? But as many times before after this feeling and thought appeared, you experienced that the feeling (the vision) disappeared in a blink of an eye. The outer circumstances where not ideal, it was the wrong time in your life, you had too much on your plate, and people around you, could not understand and help you on the way.
For the last two years, I have worked intensely with this topic. I have studied, read and immersed myself in it, and I can now see a pattern form on how to create big changes in life. And why should I be interested in that? You see, I have an eye disease that slowly makes me blind, and two years ago I was fixed in the belief that I could not do more in this world because my vision slowly disappeared. My life had come to an end, and I gave up. And in fact, it was just that surrender to my life situation that started the process: to build a new me. To grow larger than the disease that slowly makes me blind.
Strangely the process for me has been upside down compared to how I think many learn new things in life. I have acted before I have understood. I have let me be inspired before I really understood what I was inspired by. After I wrote my book about how to see possibilities instead of limitations, and after giving more than 25 talks about the process I have undergone, I am now starting to understand the deeper processes in the process.
I think that modern humans biggest misconception is the belief that it is outer events, that are the reason why our lives turn out as they do. The belief seams to be that it is outer circumstances that create our reality, and not our own consciousness.
In my case it was my vision loss that caused my problems in life – I thought – but in fact, it was my perspective on losing sight that was the cause for my problems. Not the actual loss of vision.
All that is happening in life, all that we do in life, all of our actions, all that is coming from us, happens as a result of our state of mind. Our consciousness is a result of all that we believe, want and desire. A total of what we believe is true and what we can accept. Our beliefs! Therefore, if we want to change behavior, and develop better versions of ourselves, we need to change our consciousness, before we can change our outer world. Our lives.
And now I am writing something that can sound strange in many peoples ears, because It’s not a normal belief in our society, and therefore not something we have learned from our parents, teachers and our culture. I have learned about it in ancient philosophy: that if you want to change or reach a goal, you have to begin to assume that your wish already is fulfilled. If you can keep your dream, your intention crystal clear in your imagination, you can create an ideal for the person you want to be and assume that you are already that person. It is important here to make it quite clear that this must not be an escape from yourself. Before you can begin this journey, you have to be lovingly best friends with the life situation you are in. Accept that your life situation is as it is because you have created the life you are living now and that all that is in it, and everything you have experienced, good or bad, has created the person you are today.
I know it is hard to swallow because you surely haven’t chosen to have a disease or sad circumstances. Nor have you chosen that a person near you tragically is torn away from you.
But the way we handle these situations is our own choice. We can use these situations to perish or to grow and develop. By accepting your life situation, you can change your story and “your personal drama” into wisdom. Learn from the past to finally release it.
When you can accept your life situation, you can begin to imagine your new Life. You can decide that your future should be different from the situation you are in now. Assuming and imagining long enough how you want to be and how it will feel, over time it will become your dominant feeling, and the achievement of your ideal will be inevitable.  Here I speak from experience! The ideal you hope to achieve is always ready to take shape in you if you allow it to be born in you.  Here you understand that ONLY YOU can create the inner state needed for this new ideal to arise in you. YOU carry the key to this transformation!
If you want to grow and change, your whole mindset must change. But your thoughts cannot be changed unless you get new ideas and inspiration, for new ideas create new thoughts. I believe that all transformation begins with an intense, burning desire for transformation. An idea.  The first step in “renewing the mind” is the desire for it to happen. You must want to change before it can come. And then you have to start making your future dream a present fact.
I decided that for 30 days I would act and think like my future “I”. I wanted to teach myself to see possibilities rather than limitations, and realize that life is a truly amazing and unique gift. I DECIDED to do this with all my heart.
My experience is that we usually observe and get to know things by mentally looking at them from the outside, and then comparing with other things we already know – by thinking of them, but I went one step further. I decided to be the person I wanted to be before I actually became him. I decided to be happy, I decided to become a speaker, I decided that I could still be a Senior Art Director at LEGO with only four degrees vision, that the world is great even though I lose my vision. I decided to be all these things before they really were in my outer world. I didn’t just think and talk about it, I LIVED it. In fact, I was ready and willing to kill my old self, to make room for a new one. That experience I had at the job center a cold December day in 2016. I experienced all my old identities die, and realized that I could now create exactly the new identities I wanted. Just this time I would never make the same mistake to identify with these identities. They are only avatars – not our real self, for the self is the awareness that observes the identities.
Can you now see that, in light of this realization, it does not make sense to expect that the birth of your new and better YOU, will happen by itself? What requires your awakened consciousness to produce cannot happen without such a state of consciousness, and in your ability to imagine the feeling of being the version of yourself that you want to be, you use one of humans greatest gifts – IMAGINATION  – the instrument with which you create your world.  Your imagination is the instrument of liberation from your old “YOU”.
Imagination is the way to create your new YOU. But creating this new YOU is your free choice. It is YOUR choice whether you want to remain your current version of yourself, or you can choose to become the instrument of your own transformation, by IMAGINING yourself what you want to be.

The awareness that knows

It is some time ago since this dawned on me.

I guess we humans have to go through life and experience things for ourselves. We then get wiser and wiser, and more aware of the things that are important. When we meet resistance in life, death, sickness, depression, we suffer, and if we suffer enough, we will eventually have to stop, when the suffering gets unbearable.

When we stop and look at ourselves we create a point in our lifetime, where we are surprised to see, that the part we were playing in life was just a role. A rehearsed version of an entity trained by culture, habits and thoughts. But now that we have made a break in the time line, we stop and look at that entity, and we realize, that we are really what is deep within the entity – the awareness that can now observe the entity. And it’s such a surprise, that the awareness now starts to laugh in relief about the realization, that it can be whatever it wants to be.

The role/entity dissolves and the seeking and struggling stops, cause from now on the awareness is aware of itself on a higher level. It now knows that there are no limits to what it can achieve. It can decide to be a speaker and inspire people, or it can decide to be a kind entity, that creates positivity around it, and it can play all the roles it wants to without being identified with the roles.

Now everything starts to come into balance and the realisation comes, that this world is a playground for us to explore and have fun on. The time here on earth is paradise, and if we choose to suffer and play the role of the victim, then that is our choice, but if we decide to play the part of the entity that knows, that the law of this universe is to bring love and compassion, then we can influence and create whatever we want to create.

Our reality

What a summer! In fact, one of the most beautiful I can remember. The weather has been breathtaking and the summer holiday has offered peace and space for thought. Especially when Mette broke her poor ankle and we all had to stay on the terrace for the summer. But something that could have been a really bad experience, cause we had to say goodbye to the cottage on the West coast and a trip to Crete, ended up being a beautiful family time in the garden. We all decided to have the most beautiful vacation we could create together. With the situation that were now. This was a confirmation of an important insight I have learned in the last year. We create our reality!

Our reality is exactly the way we create it. We make it what it is. Everything starts with thoughts: an idea, a belief. All that is needed to create our reality is an idea. There is nothing in this world that has not existed as pure thought. The idea is the first level of creation. Then comes the word. When we pronounce words, it’s an expression of a thought. Then comes action. Actions are when we decide and do instead of just thinking. Actions are expressed thoughts. We create our lives with thoughts and then we live them through our actions.

The way I now live my life is to be aware of the space between thoughts and when the unexpected and what I would categorize as “bad” and uncomfortable arrives, which are often negative thoughts about situations we do not want, then I just accept them. I’m not fighting against them. I acknowledge them, but decide to let them pass as clouds in the sky. It is a choice and a decision we can make when we are conscious and leave the world of thought to rest in the being.

Our vacation was beautiful and we got closer as a family because we decided that that was what we wanted from the situation we suddenly found ourselves in. That’s how I’ve also chosen to deal with my impending blindness. It is a condition I cannot control myself. I accept it and love it as it is. It’s my life and I will get the most out of it, as it is. It’s a liberating way to live! I am grateful for what I have and love, enjoy, give and live. Just think about it: I had to loose my sight to finally see.