The talk

A talk that makes you think

Morten Bonde is an experienced speaker and is now giving talks on how he has chosen to tackle his challenges with a genetic disorder that slowly makes him blind.

With humorous anecdotes, tools and my discoveries in the human mind, I give an insight into how to open your mind up to see possibilities in the impossible. My talk is a life-affirming story about our ability to live the lives we desire, if we just choose to believe that we have that control.

I have an genetic eye disorder that slowly makes me blind, and when my life looked most hopeless, I suddenly saw how to regain the spirit to rise and move on in life. I managed to get back from hopelessness and regain a positive and indomitable view of life. In my talk I tell how in less than a year, with only 4 degrees of vision, I could go from depression and stagnation to acting as Senior Art Director at LEGO and that the key to such a will and transformation lies in our minds!

My talk is a positive injection at a time when many people rush through life without noticing that it’s a gift and that we should enjoy every second of it.



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