I help people see possibilities in limitations, find inner peace in outer chaos through lectures, workshops, conversations, mindfulness programs, and meditation.


I assist groups, businesses, and individuals in taking back control of their lives and mastering it. In a mindfulness program, I help you implement mindfulness and meditation as a natural part of your daily routine.


“I found a process that turned my fading vision into clarity. I turned a weakness into a strength. That process can be copied by anyone for any challenge in life ”

Listen to the first chapters of the audiobook Sentenced to blindness – Now What?
A Journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road.
The book will be available in summer 2020.


Is it possible to change your thoughts and see possibilities rather than limitations? Is it possible to change your perspective on your life’s greatest problems? This is what Morten Bonde investigates in his book Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? A Journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road.

With research into the human mind, the practice of mindfulness behavior and meditation, and four challenges in four months to reprogram his subconscious mind, he shares how he decided to become greater than his greatest life-challenge: BLINDNESS!

Morten Bonde has an eye condition that is slowly making him go blind. In 2016, his vision was so severely reduced that his life couldn’t continue as before. It had been all go with a family and a career as senior art director at the LEGO Group. Then his whole world collapsed. But when everything was at its bleakest, he experienced a sudden clarity for how to regain zest for life and emerge from the darkness stronger than ever before. He succeeded in returning from hopelessness to regaining a positive and indomitable view of life.



Morten Bonde is an experienced speaker and is now giving talks on how he has chosen to tackle his challenges with a genetic disorder that slowly makes him blind.

With humorous anecdotes, tools and my discoveries in the human mind, I give an insight into how to open your mind up to see possibilities in the impossible. My talk is a life-affirming story about our ability to live the lives we desire, if we just choose to believe that we have that control.

I have an genetic eye disorder that slowly makes me blind, and when my life looked most hopeless, I suddenly saw how to regain the spirit to rise and move on in life. I managed to get back from hopelessness and regain a positive and indomitable view of life. In my talk I tell how in less than a year, with only 4 degrees of vision, I could go from depression and stagnation to acting as Senior Art Director at LEGO and that the key to such a will and transformation lies in our minds!

My talk is a positive injection at a time when many people rush through life without noticing that it’s a gift and that we should enjoy every second of it.


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