Guided meditations

I have made it my mission to help you find inner peace in outer chaos. These meditations are created for that purpose, and you can purchase them here or listen to them for free on YouTube.

If you choose to listen for free on YouTube, I simply ask you to subscribe to my channel and share them with your network. If you wish to enjoy the meditations without ads, you can always come back here and purchase the meditations for permanent ownership.

Don’t listen to the meditations while driving or performing actions that require your full attention. Enjoy.

The breath as an anchor for the wandering mind
a guided meditation

A new perspective
a visualization

The hong sau meditation
a guided meditation

The book of wisdom
the key to peace and happiness

Exhaling the stress
a guided meditation

Being in the body
a guided meditation

Just being here now
a guided meditation

Breathe to calm your mind and body
a guided meditation

Appreciate yourself and others
a guided meditation

Breathe in, breathe out
a guided meditation

Compassion, care appreciation and gratitude
a guided meditation

The meditative state

Joy and selfworth

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