An article in The Creative Factor about my book project
LEGO Braille Bricks is LIVE!

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I have had the pleasure of being involved in the LEGO Braille Bricks project, that empowers children with sight loss to learn Braille in a playful way. I had the opportunity to see how LEGO Braille Bricks could bring the smile to the children at a school for visually impaired kids near Birmingham UK, and as you can see at the end of the BBC interview, it was quite emotional for me to talk about my first encounter with the Braille Bricks. Especially after spending a day at the school. It is a great feeling to be able to encourage and make a difference to blind children in the world, and I am grateful and humbled to represent the LEGO Group on this unique project. That gives loosing my eyesight a meaning after all!

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