A workshop where we focus on spotting our individual and joint strengths in the team. The workshop is a combination of lectures, group work, exercises and individual reflection. What happens when we discover that we often focus on what is not working, rather than what is working? When we discover our strengths, with awareness of them, we can learn to focus on them and strengthen what strengthens.
When we as a team become aware of each other’s strengths, we can boost the team by boosting each other’s strengths.
The output of the workshop is that you as individuals and teams get concrete activities and action plans that you can implement in your everyday life.
In this workshop, we focus on how we can get out of the head and into the body. Much of the stress we experience in everyday life comes from our thoughts and because we cannot stop thinking. In the workshop, you will get tangible tools for how we can silence our overactive thought generator, and thus minimize stress and burnout. We will breathe together, get acquainted with meditation, activate the body and practice becoming more aware of the present moment.
This workshop provides tangible tools for managing stress in a busy everyday life.
In this workshop we take a closer look at our human autopilot. We learn to discover our automatic patterns, which we often repeat over and over again, and which keep us stuck in the habits and problems we experience on a daily basis. Often our problems are actually a product of our thoughts about them and our perspective on them.
We take a closer look at how to turn off the autopilot and discover that with more presence in daily life we can begin to rewrite many of our automatic reactions. When we are more present, we more easily notice when our autopilot is making hasty decisions that are not really in our own best interest.
In this workshop we will work in groups, individually and with our ability to focus. And you will create the story that you want to experience in our live.
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