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Is it possible to change your thoughts and see possibilities rather than limitations? Is it possible to change perspective on your life’s greatest problems? This is what Morten Bonde discusses in his talk Sentenced to Blindness – Now What?

Morten Bonde is a skilled senior art director with twenty years of experience developing advertising campaigns for brands in Denmark and abroad. He’s worked with both large and small companies and most recently as a storyteller for the LEGO Group. Oh, and he’s legally blind!


Now Morten shares his own personal story. He has an incurable eye disease, causing him to slowly lose his sight. In 2016, his vision was so severely reduced that his life couldn’t continue as before. His whole world collapsed. With research into the human mind, the practice of mindfulness behavior and meditation and four challenges in four months to reprogram his subconscious mind, he shares how he decided to grow bigger than his greatest life-challenge. BLINDNESS!

”I found a process that turned my fading vision into clarity. I turned a weakness into a strength. That process can be copied by anyone for any challenge in life”.


Morten’s talk Is not only life-affirming and honest – but also fun! It causes one to reflect on one’s own choices in life and the awareness that “one is a captain on his own boat”. Morten is a really good communicator who manages to get his personal story out in a way that it speaks directly into each of us.
Jyske Bank A/S
“Thanks for the captivating talk you just gave at Novozymes!! wow! A very personal story, with lots of anecdotes. You gave so much of yourself.“

“It was SO good and we were both excited, enriched and captivated by your personal stories, your self-awareness and everything we could take with us. Thank you, Morten. “
“At our GI-Networks / Dustin seminar yesterday, we had decided to finish the academic part, with a lecture by Morten Bonde, who is Senior Art Director at LEGO. Morten is slowly becoming blind and has for several years lived with tunnel vision. Morten shares – in his unique lecture – how he moved from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road. This was simply the best – most fun and touching – lecture I have heard to date. I can highly recommend Morten’s lecture “.

Jan Kvinesdal, SMB Sales Specialist, Infrastructure.

An amazing lecture/presentation by a rather amazing individual – Morten Bonde. Take the chance to gain some perspective and learn about the human mind, body and spirit, and what it is capable of. I highly recommend seeing Morten Bonde – such an inspiration.
Dustin A/S
“You have given the best talk I have ever heard. You set thoughts in motion like no one before – THANK YOU “

“It was a great talk. Your positive thinking and way of being has influenced perople. Everybody should experience YOU.”

“Dear Morten. Thank you very much for a very positive, amazing and inspiring talk. EVERYBODY should have the pleasure of experiencing you. “

“Thank you Morten for a wonderful and inspiring evening. It has put many thoughts into motion and others in a completely different perspective.”
Kolding Hospital Emergency Department
“1000 thanks for a courageous, touching, honest and thoughtful talk. SUPER motivational and inspiring. Healthy for all who complain over gray weather and Christmas stress. If they could get just a little of your positive view of life and the world! You are a fun, strong and good mediator of a very difficult subject. RESPECT!!!!”

“It was VERY inspiring and really gave substance for thought.“

“You are cool and inspiring!”
“The talk was inspiring, humorous and educational. Among the audience there was a broad consensus that it was very good. The audience was a mix of visually impaired people, relatives and other interested. It will be exciting to follow Morten Bonde in the future. We hope in that we once again can enjoy Morten’s talk. “

Quotes from the talk

” The only limitations I will meet in life are those I create in my mind ”

” Retinitis Pigmentosa is a hereditary genetic disease that degrades the cells in the retina ”

” I suddenly felt disabled and began to think like that ”

” I must find a way out of hopelessness ”

” I am what I think and if I want to change, I have to start thinking differently ”

” I formulated a goal for my life – a goal to strive for! ”

” I have to change the way I look at myself and the world around me. I must reprogram my subconscious mind! ”

” We are controlled by our subconscious mind and only with full consciousness, we can change our entrenched habits ”

” We use most of our conscious thoughts to worry, plan, judge, analyze, think and fear. This means that we drive on autopilot most of life “.

” To change, you must know your unconscious blockades ”

” Fear is a huge opponent in our lives, but we get to decide how big a role it will play ”

” Stop thinking and start doing! ”

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