I can offer a wide range of services: lectures, 1×1 conversations, group conversations, team development, mindfulness meditation and personal development.

Keynote speaker and Motivational speaker

I have given more than a hundred lectures to national and international audiences. I am talking about how you can train yourself to change your perspective and attitude towards challenges. I speak from a life experience that stems from living with an eye disease that is slowly making me blind. For half a decade, I have been researching how we can change limiting beliefs, and I have shared these experiences and tools with companies and organizations in Denmark and abroad. See references and reactions here. Go to reactions.

Mindfulness is a technique and a way of life that focuses on bringing attention to the present moment and to the experiences taking place right now, without judging or labeling them. It is a form of meditation that involves a conscious attitude to being present in the moment. Mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve concentration, increase empathy and strengthen your mental well-being. Read more about a mindfulness course with Morten Bonde.


I can change your view of yourself and your challenges. In conversations, I always start from your situation, and the aim is to create a vision for how personal and professional goals can be achieved. Here, tools such as creative visualization, meditation and mindfulness are used, and together we create clear images and motivation to realize goals and dreams.

Workshops and Team-events

I develop and facilitate workshops for teams and groups on how to train yourself to turn challenges into strengths. I can develop workshops to suit your needs, but if you just want me to manage the process, here is a selection of workshops. Click and see.

Guided meditations

Through cultivating a stable meditation practice, I have transformed my perspective on losing my eyesight.

I have developed many guided meditations that reprogram deep-seated, limiting beliefs, and I can show you or your company how we can change our perspective on challenges and our own limitations. With this insight, you become better at creating meaningful relationships with the people you meet.

We ourselves create our reality through the thoughts we focus on, and I can help you gain this deep understanding. Here are examples of recorded guided meditations.

The book Sentenced to Blindness - Now What?

Is it possible to change your thoughts and see possibilities rather than limitations? Is it possible to change your perspective on your life problems? This is what Morten Bonde examines in his book.

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