Inner peace in outer chaos with mindfulness

Do you often find yourself experiencing stress and busyness in your daily life? Many people lead hectic lives that demand constant thinking and focus on various tasks and goals. We often become so absorbed in our important projects and future deadlines that our thoughts are consumed by them for the majority of our waking hours.

Often we find ourselves preoccupied with our problems, constantly contemplating how we can solve them in the future. And often at times when in reality we don’t actually have any problems at all. They only existed in our thoughts.

And those thoughts divert us from truly realizing that the future we ponder is merely a product of our imagination and our predictions based on our past experiences. Continuous brooding and worry can contribute to stress and unhappiness.

What can mindfulness do?

Mindful presence enables you to create a small gap between your experiences and your reactions to those experiences.

Instead of automatically responding with fear, anger, anxiety, or sadness to something you experience, you can instead DISCOVER that your body and mind are experiencing something that elicits those emotions. Before reacting impulsively, you have the opportunity to observe it with a more neutral perspective, take a moment to breathe, and consciously choose to respond in a completely new and different manner.

You come to realize that you are not defined by your thoughts and feelings, and that you have the capacity to influence the way you perceive and experience the world around you.

In mindfulness, you can develop an awareness of your breath, your body, your thoughts, and your surroundings. By doing so, you anchor yourself in the present moment, focusing on what is happening right now, rather than getting caught up in thoughts about the future or the past.

Individual courses

In an individual mindfulness course, you are guided through a gentle introduction to mindfulness and meditation.

You will be provided with theoretical knowledge about the principles of mindfulness, along with guided meditations and conversations, to help you incorporate mindful behavior into your daily life. This will assist you in shifting your perspective on challenges that you may have previously found overwhelming. By learning to approach everyday busyness with mindfulness, you can develop the ability to be more present with your experiences as they are, and gain a fresh perspective on them.

During the course, you will acquire knowledge about the four primary forms of formal mindfulness meditation. Moreover, you will discover how to carry the focused attention cultivated during meditation into your daily activities.

As part of the course materials, you will gain access to 14 audio files featuring guided mindfulness meditations. These resources can be conveniently accessed through the course area on the website. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to download a mindfulness textbook that I have personally written. Furthermore, you can explore a wealth of articles and video lectures on mindfulness, allowing you to delve deeper into the subject matter.


A mindful break (3 min)

Here’s a short guided mindfulness meditation that you can integrate into your everyday life. This particular meditation serves as an introduction and is one of the 14 guided meditations included in the course. Currently, you can also access free meditations by visiting the following link: Click here




I highly recommend that the course consists of a minimum of five sessions. This duration allows us ample time to cover the necessary material for you to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life, both at home and in your professional environment. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for us to discuss your progress and address any challenges you may encounter during the course.

You are welcome to start by booking a single session and then decide if you wish to continue with further mindfulness immersion. In the event that you choose to proceed with an individual mindfulness course and opt for a package deal, the price of the first session will be deducted accordingly.

Location for individual courses

The sessions for the course will be conducted online via Teams. However, if you prefer to participate in the course in person, we can discuss and come to an agreement during our introductory conversation.

Mindfulness for companies

Mindfulness has the potential to both prevent and alleviate stress. A corporate mindfulness course can be tailored to cater to individual employees, specific departments, or the entire company, organized into groups.

I am capable of providing customized courses designed specifically for your company. Alternatively, I can facilitate individual workshops or staff days to meet your organization’s needs. It’s worth mentioning that I have prior experience as an internal mindfulness instructor for the LEGO Group. Whether you prefer online sessions or in-person sessions, the arrangement can be made based on your location and convenience.

Location for company courses

The individual and group sessions are typically conducted online via Teams. However, it is also possible to arrange in-person sessions if mutually agreed upon. The feasibility of in-person sessions would depend on the country in which you are located, as it may require travel on my part. We can discuss and determine the most suitable approach based on your location and logistical considerations.

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