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A journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road
A book about seeing possibilities rather than limitations

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The book is divided into three parts.

PART 1: Hopelesness Street

When you get started, you will find that PART 1 is about the challenges I have had to deal with, but also about who I have been as a person through my life until 2016. PART 1 It is about how I slowly moved deeper down Hopelessness Street and finally lived a life with stress, depression and limitations. The purpose of PART 1 is to help you follow my footsteps to the realisation that I had to change the way I handled these limitations.

I hope you will see that the challenges I tell you about might as well have been quite different challenges. They might have been challenges you experience in your own life, and I hope it will make you curious and interested in what tools I found to progress. I hope you will investigate how I could change the way I looked at my world and my life. You will find that in the stories I comment on stories you read and thus reveal some of the topics that we will cover in PART 2. The small hints might start ideas in your subconscious mind, and we will talk more about that in PART 2.

PART 2: Heading for Possibility Road

Of course, I hope that you are with me through the whole of PART 1, but if for some reason you don’t want to read my personal story in PART 1, I recommend that you as a minimum start from the chapter “At the municipal office: an experience who changed everything ”and then immerse yourself in PART 2, where I reveal a lot of knowledge and share the tools I used to change course from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road. I’m still speechless that I didn’t know anything about how we can change our habits and behaviour when that’s what so many people are struggling with. I’m puzzled that we don’t learn about this in schools.

If you find PART 2 too theoretical and remote from anything you know, or if you just can’t relate
to meditation, mindfulness or neuroscience for beginners, then try moving on to PART 3, but remember that
to understand the deeper meaning of the examples I share in PART 3, it may be helpful for you afterwards
to go back to PART 2.

Part 3: Arrival at Possibility Road

In PART 3, I arrive at Possibility Road, and I tell the story of how I used the knowledge that I tell about in PART 2 to change many of my limiting beliefs. I will show you how action, knowledge, and determination gave me new strong beliefs and that these were now mostly positive. One can say that PART 3 is a recipe and inspiration for how you too can work with your own limiting beliefs. The examples that I give could be done in many other ways, and the most important thing to understand in PART 3 is that if you want to change your limiting beliefs, you have to start DOING instead of just THINKING, worrying, and pondering.

If you wonder about strange meetings and conversations with mysterious letter men, don’t be despondent or confused. Just read on. It’s all going to make sense.

Enjoy reading.

A journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road

Is it possible to change your thoughts and see possibilities rather than limitations? Is it possible to change your perspective on your life’s greatest problems? This is what Morten Bonde investigates in his book Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? A Journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road.

With research into the human mind, the practice of mindfulness behavior and meditation, and four challenges in four months to reprogram his subconscious mind, he shares how he decided to become greater than his greatest life-challenge: BLINDNESS!

Morten Bonde has an eye condition that is slowly making him go blind. In 2016, his vision was so severely reduced that his life couldn’t continue as before. It had been all go with a family and a career as senior art director at the LEGO Group. Then his whole world collapsed. But when everything was at its bleakest, he experienced a sudden clarity for how to regain zest for life and emerge from the darkness stronger than ever before. He succeeded in returning from hopelessness to regaining a positive and indomitable view of life.

”I found a process that turned my fading vision into clarity. I turned a weakness into a strength. That process can be copied by anyone for any challenge in life”.


“This book is about so much more than one man going blind

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 September 2020

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