What is coaching?

Coaching can be a powerful resource for navigating both personal and professional challenges. It aids in achieving deeper self-awareness and greater confidence, while also supporting you in setting and reaching your goals.

Whether it’s about career development, stress management, improving relationships and communication skills, or health and wellness, I offer tools and strategies that can make a noticeable difference.

Together, we create a confidential space where you can reflect and receive valuable feedback, which can help you grow and develop in alignment with your values and ambitions.

If you’re facing major changes that require adjustment, coaching can be an invaluable support.

My coaching is centered around you as a complete individual. We collaborate to enhance your self-awareness and foster inner balance, aiming to achieve enduring positive transformations.

True self-development necessitates an understanding of three layers of identity:

The reactive, the creative, and the essential self.

You will seamlessly transition from your reactive states, where you are governed by old self-images and patterns, to your creative self, where you actively shape your life, and onwards to your essential self, which is the deepest core of being.

So, when we work together, you will experience a journey through these layers to achieve not just improved self-awareness and confidence, but a lasting sense of life quality and joy.

A coaching session or program can provide you with:

Deep self-awareness
Lasting changes
Inner peace
Greater quality of life
Personal and professional development
Mindfulness and presence Understanding of one’s own potential

These points form the core of a coaching program with me, where I draw on extensive experiences from both my professional background and personal journey, including my work with mindfulness and as a source of inspiration for others facing major life challenges.

The three layers of identity:

The reactive self:
When we are in our reactive self, we are characterized by unconsidered and often reflexive reactions to external circumstances, driven by old habits or subconscious impulses.

The creative self:
When we are in our creative self, we can think anew, express ourselves freely, and respond to life’s challenges with a nuanced and innovative approach.

The essential self:
The essential self is the deepest, most authentic part of a person, free from social masks and self-images, representing a pure and unbounded presence where we are in harmony with our true essence.

Me as your coach

As a coach, I draw on a rich combination of professional experience and personal insight. With a background in the creative world and a practical understanding of the power of mindfulness, I am ready to support you on your journey. I have navigated through complex challenges and embraced possibilities in difficult times, equipping me with deep empathy and a sharp focus on solutions.

My approach is characterized by an inner calm and a positive outlook, even when challenges seem overwhelming. This perspective is what I aim to bring into our collaboration, where I will help you connect with your own resources and potentials.

Certified 5D Coach from ID Academy

As a certified 5D Coach from ID Academy, I possess an in-depth understanding and training in a holistic coaching approach that considers all dimensions of human existence: physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, and environmental. This perspective is fundamental to 5D Coaching, which does not just focus on the individual, but on the person as a whole and their interaction with the surrounding world.

ID Academy is renowned for its comprehensive and in-depth education, which prepares coaches to work integratively and dynamically with people at all levels of life. The certification as a 5D Coach means that I have undergone intensive training, ensuring that I have the necessary tools and both theoretical and practical knowledge to effectively and insightfully support my clients.

This approach facilitates a particularly deep and sustainable transformation process, where we work together to identify and overcome limitations, promote personal and professional development, and most importantly, achieve a deeper understanding and harmony with the surrounding environments and cultures. This is essential for creating lasting changes and achieving a rich life.

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