Much needed positivity

After hearing about this book I purchased it (about 3 months ago) and didn’t read it right way out of the fear of what I’d be confronting. Once I started reading it though I couldn’t put it down. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with same disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa) and like the author it came right at the height of my career as I was entering mid life. I can so very much relate to the feelings of fear and dread about what the future holds. Fear over how the encroaching darkness will affect my marriage, my kids…how I will cope with the loss of independence. He writes about exactly what I’ve been experiencing and writes about exactly what I need to hear; the positivity of possibility.

This is a book that encourages anyone who is dealing with a life altering disease. The author does not hold back when discussing the reality of the hard times and that just adds to the message of positivity and hope that permeates the book. I highly recommend to anyone coping with a life altering disease and also to anyone who knows someone who is.

An uplifting read

Morten is a brave, strong man who decided that blindness would not prevent him from living and loving life. He learned that he may not have the power to control a medical condition causing him to lose his eyesight, but that he COULD choose his attitude towards it, that would direct the path of the rest of his life.

Morten’s story and his understanding of the ways that we can re-program our way of thinking are valuable and applicable to everyone, not only those facing vision loss. This book provides hope and concrete strategies for self improvement that everyone can benefit from. I recommend the read! 

Very inspiring book

I could very much relate to the personal story, all the limiting beliefs sounded very familiar. I highly recommend reading the book „sentenced to blindness – now what“ to anyone who is craving to make a change in their lives but doesn’t exactly know how to start or put it into practice. Even if going blind is not your personal struggle, you will definitely benefit from it. I personally have already read several great inspirational books, but this one sort of serves as a road map and gives you insight into which steps exactly to take in order to reprogram your subconscious mind and subsequently change your life.
As a nice bonus it also has an intriguing storyline and is a very entertaining read.

I love this book!

I love this book. I can relate to all the negative thoughts and changing it to positive. I’ve been doing this on my own., I’m still working on it but reading your book did help me. All lot of great tips and ideas. Thanks. Very awesome book.


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