Lectures and workshops

Lectures, workshops og team events

Courses and conversations

Mindfulness courses, meditation courses, conversations 1 to 1

In my courses, each journey is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all outcome. We’ll discover the path together during our initial conversation. We’ll also work out a price that feels right to you and fits within your budget.

Consider this your first step toward your Possibility Road—summoning the courage and willingness to reach out to me. Once you’ve taken that ‘simple’ step, you’re on your way to discovering endless possibilities.

One-on-one conversations can take place in person at my location in Denmark or online via Microsoft Teams. Lectures, workshops, and group sessions can also be conducted online on Microsoft Teams or at your company’s premises. In these instances, all travel and accommodation expenses for a companion and myself will be covered by your company.

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