Don’t wait for the future to come

21. May 2021

“Despite blindness, I want to live a happy life and see its possibilities rather than its limitations.”

In 2017, I defined this goal for my life. It started a process that resulted in the book Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? and hundreds of lectures in Denmark and abroad.

Let me summarize what I have learned from this journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road?

Searching for happiness and the good life in the future when we have achieved this and overcome that is a huge illusion. We seek happiness and the good life in time and space and ponder and get frustrated that it never quite appears as we had wished. It never quite fills the hole we had hoped it would fill.

I have discovered this: Happiness and the good life don’t exist in time and space!

Happiness and the good life only exist NOW and only within us. If we can’t see it NOW – within us – we will keep searching for it in time and space and overlook that NOW is the only time we can find happiness. If we always create points in the future where happiness hopefully will pop up, because of this and that, then that happiness will never fill us up, for it will be fleeting and quickly passed.

Let me therefore say this:

The more we can be aware of the NOW that is here NOW, the more we will discover that nothing else ever exists. It is only NOW that we can experience the happiness we seek. The future is only a thought that we create in the mind. The past is a memory that we store in the body. The past and the future exist only because we have imagination and memory. If we humans did not have imagination or memory, then only NOW would exist.

Try to imagine that right now you forgot past and future and your identity. They no longer exist. Would you then perhaps discover that you breathe, smell the spring, feel the raindrops, feel the wind, feel your inner life? Liberated from time and your self-created identity with all its problems, do you then think that you will discover that the miracle of life is RIGHT NOW and that it can never be at another time? And that it can only be right now that you can create the happiness you seek? In exactly this moment and all the subsequent. With your gratitude and happiness of being here RIGHT NOW.

That’s what I experience when I live a mindful life. I become grateful for what is. I AM!

So It’s my new goal for my life. To become more and more aware of NOW and less aware of TIME. Happiness can’t be found in the future once you have achieved this and that – it only exists NOW and you create it. NOW.

Photo: Pixabay

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