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The course resulted in better sleep and a more appropriate relationship with stress

“I have a job with many problems that need to be solved and where many quick decisions need to be made. It can be a chaotic work environment at times.

Over the course of 4 weeks, I participated in a mindfulness course with Morten Bonde, where we met once a week for an hour and a half. My wish was to get tools to be able to find peace in the midst of chaos and to integrate mindfulness as a natural part of my everyday life.

The sessions with Morten were a perfect combination of knowledge about what Mindfulness is and the practice of different formal and informal meditations.

It was great to have the opportunity to meditate with Morten, so that I could reflect with him about it before I had to try on my own. It gave security.

Between the sessions, I was given homework, which was to listen to Morten’s guided meditations via the website, and read Morten’s Mindfulness textbook. It worked really well, as in this way I gained knowledge about what mindfulness can do for body and mind, but also what it can mean if you dedicate yourself and prioritize the time for meditation even in time-pressed weeks.

I have experienced significantly better sleep during the process. I usually suffer from sleep deprivation and it has been an eye opener for me to experience what mindfulness and meditation can do for my sleep quality.

The informal meditations also help me in everyday life to take an active break, where I just feel my body and calm myself down, even though there may be a lot going on around me.

This means that I now more often take the role of the observer and calm down before reacting. Which has naturally meant that during the training period I have experienced that I react more appropriately in stressful situations than before.

I have experienced how, simply by becoming aware of myself, I can calm down and more easily communicate appropriately with others – and not least in a friendly way. It is a huge gift for me to have gained this new insight through the process with Morten.

Morten is an incredibly sharp communicator of knowledge, and together with the guided sessions – we have had together – I feel that I have really gained some good tools to integrate mindfulness as a natural part of my everyday life.

Morten has been good at creating a safe space with room for deep reflection. It has been incredibly nice, and has enabled me to relax and be open during the guided sessions as well as in my questions to Morten about where I have encountered challenges with the tools.”

– Christina Priisholm, Project Coordinator


Higher degree of self-acceptance

“Dear Morten, I listened to your session while walking. After the first session, I noticed a significant reduction in walking pace, as well as a focused breathing. After the session, I noticed a higher degree of self-acceptance, relaxed breathing, and a synchronization of mind and body. You are a pleasant guide, thank you.”

– Nicolai Banck, MBA Graduate and INSEAD Executive Master in Change Candidate

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