This may sound strange….

2. March 2020

We must feel happy in order to find joy. We must love before we can be loved. We must feel wealthy before we can find wealth. We must feel strong before we can find strength.

We often do the opposite…

We look for what we desire – out there – but many never realize that “out there” is created inside your mind.

We need to teach ourselves how to create the feeling of what we want before we can find it.

Meditation – for me – is to reset the thought factory. When thoughts are at a distance, I imagine what I want to create in my life. I see it before me

Then I can create the feeling of what it is like to have created what I want to create. I feel the joy, the love, the success, etc.

I repeat that process over and over until I become familiar with evoking that feeling on command.

Then strange things happen – the world changes because I change my perspective on it. Because I now FEEL successful or loved, I mostly see that side of the world “out there”.

But the world is no different. I just changed the way I interpret it.

This “technology” I first used to change my view of losing sight. I made it to my advantage, my friend, and then I started doing the same with everything else I set out to do.

NOW, I have created a life at LEGO as legally blind, I am a motivational speaker, author and on the 18/4 I stand on the TEDx stage in Odense in front of 1000 people, sharing my story.

I have done this In about three years.

ALL can start do it – the moment you decide to do it.

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