To master oneself

16. November 2022

Mastering oneself in stressful situations.
Keeping a calm overview in a personal crisis.
To be able to create inner peace despite external chaos.

In the world we live in, these three abilities are a prerequisite for mental and physical well-being.

Mastering oneself in this way requires that we can be fully present and at peace with what we are experiencing – moment by moment. Without making our struggles into an enemy.

Why is this something we should spend our precious time on? And how can we do that when most of our lives are lived in a hamster wheel?

Most people live busy lives, and we are required to constantly think and focus on all the things we need to do. We are often so preoccupied with our important projects that need to be delivered in the future that we spend most of our waking time thinking about them.

We think 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day, and most of those thoughts are negative or fearful, and they are often completely unconscious. You could say that most of the time we drive on autopilot, where we let old habits and patterns control our actions.

That is, we often let our old experiences (programs) control how we react and act right now. And since we are usually focused on our thoughts, we are rarely present “right now”, which is really the only time that exists.

Often, we are preoccupied with all our problems and we think about how we can solve them. Often at times when in reality we have no problems at all.

Most often we are safe and comfortable, but we spend a lot of energy thinking and worrying about the future, which may seem to be unpleasant or problematic, and these thoughts distract us from really discovering that the future we fear is just thoughts and forecasts based on our experiences and experiences.

Right now you are here.

I guess everything is calm and good. You’re reading this post, the temperature is probably comfortable, the ground is supporting you, and if you notice RIGHT NOW, life is safe and sound.

But thinking about a potential future can make the body FEEL that right now is actually dangerous.

Seen through the lens of DANGER, the world feels dangerous and the body becomes stressed and ready to fight, flee or freeze. When we see the world this way, most of our challenges will be experienced through a filter of FEAR and CHAOS, and the world becomes fearful and unpleasant.

Mindfulness is the state of being that comes out of being aware on purpose in the present moment, without assessing or judging it. That is, with full awareness and freed from all the colored filters.

When we learn to relate openly and welcomingly to what we experience, everything we experience can teach us something about ourselves – by being a mirror that shows us reflections of our own mind and body.

Mindful presence can give us the ability to create a little space between what we experience and the way we react to what we experience.

So instead of reacting automatically with fear, anger, agitation or sadness over something we are experiencing, we can DISCOVER that our body and mind are experiencing something that makes it sad or angry, and before we react automatically to what we are experiencing, we can look at it with more neutral eyes, breathe with it,  and decide to respond in a whole new way.

Perhaps with more patience, love, care and benevolence. And our reaction to the unpleasant impulse that we just experienced will be different and perhaps more in tune with the person we want to be.

This way of dealing with one’s life can be achieved through the training of mindfulness.

In mindfulness, we can become aware of our breathing, our body, our thoughts, our surroundings, and we become anchored in the NOW rather than in the future or the past.

Showing people how we can do this has become my new job. How we can train our ability to be more present NOW so that we can create a more realistic picture of our challenges and problems.

It’s what I do every single day in a life where I’m slowly going blind.

CONTACT me if you want to know more about how I can help your business – NOW.

Here is a small selection of the services I offer.

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