Do you have the courage to be you?

20. July 2019

Do you have the courage to be you? Do you allow space for your creativity or do you hide it away because it causes fear?

Many people know me as the blind senior art director, and may know of the journey I have been on the last few years. I decided to love life and enjoy its opportunities even though I slowly become blind. It succeeded, among other things, by learning to bring mindfulness into my everyday life, but to a great extent also by becoming more courageous.

Courage is a prerequisite for personal development. The ability to lovingly defy the inner voice that says: You can’t. The ability to welcome the unfamiliar.

One of the ways I developed my courage was to become a speaker, writing a book AND daring to outlive one of my secret passions – singing! I always sing and whistle!

As I trained my mind to become more courageous, I decided to do more about it than just thinking about it. I started DOING instead of just THINKING. I started recording cover songs of music I have loved all my life. But I did more than that – I started sharing it with the world. Ha ha I love music and here it is!

Do you have the courage to be you? Do you live up to your potential? Do it now! You will not regret it!

Don’t die with your music still in you ❤️

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