Is there a formula for success? YES!

25. October 2019

Two months have passed since the launch of my book Dømt blind – hva’ så?
I have taken a break for some weeks after two very intense years of constantly challenging myself to see possibilities rather than limitations in my life with a visual impairment that slowly makes me blind.

See, my book and lecture project has also had a different agenda than getting a brighter perspective on life. Another purpose that I haven’t written or talked much about, but who are going to have a big focus in the future. Here it comes:

Is all success – economic, human, career success – really just about one’s attitude and determination?

To me it is clear now that this is the case. After more than two years of deep research into the human psyche, philosophy, biology, religion and history and after studying the most successful people in world history over the last 2,500 years, I have discovered a pattern. We create our experienced reality with the thoughts we have and what we focus most on. We become what we think!

The Buddha thus said, “We are formed by our thoughts; we become what we think. ” In the Old Testament it is written thus: “As someone thinks within himself, so he is”.

Henry Ford put it this way, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” And I could continue quoting for hours.

We first create our success in the mind and heart, which will then slowly construct itself in reality. It is very strange and amazing, and once you discover the “secret” which is no secret at all, as people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and other great entrepreneurs almost every time they are asked about the reason for their success answer, that when you can create a strong vision in your mind and heart, and hold on to that vision, then it will become reality.

I have been playing with that philosophy for the last two years and I can see clearly now that when I lose faith in the heart, the vision of the mind disappears, the doubt and the fear come back and the opportunities stop showing up. Not because of some superstitious hocus pocus, but simply because I then stop being able to SEE the opportunities that pop up right in front of me. The prospect of opportunity is obscured by a veil of doubt and fear.

If I can again find the feeling that once again turns on the light in the heart, then the strong vision returns to the mind and I make decisions that lead me forward to the opportunities. The opportunities are there all the time, but it is what goes on in my mind and my heart that determines whether I can see them. I become what I think and feel and focus on!

In two years I have created a lecture, held it more than 30 times for companies and associations, I have written a book that I have published on my own newly established publishing house, I am the CEO of my own small development company, I have the worlds greatest job at LEGO and absolutely fantastic things have happened that I can’t even share with you here. Wild things that I more than two years ago never dared hope would happen. I have attracted incredible people who have helped me and pushed me toward incredible opportunities. And I am so grateful and happy with where I am today.

What has happened to me is this: I have changed my perspective on life. I’ve changed my perspective on becoming blind. I have turned it to an advantage. By my example, I can inspire and motivate others to take control back in their lives as well, and that has given meaning to my project. It has given meaning to my pending blindness. It has given meaning to my life.

If you want to know how to teach yourself to see the possibilities in life rather than the limitations, read my book Dømt blind – hva’ så? A translation is on the way. The Danish book can be purchased here. You can also see my next lecture, held at Næsbjerghus at Varde on 13/11. Tickets can be purchased here. The lecture is in Danish.

Love, Morten

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