Five minutes before the talk…

21. June 2018

That was that. Now I’m really at the other side of the four challenges I gave myself in the summer of 2017. A mission that would challenge entrenched limiting beliefs. Last night I gave talk to 150 people at a complete sold out venue. It was an intense experience, and among the audience there were friends, family and acquaintances.

Twenty minutes before the talk, I went behind the stage to get focused on the task. I could feel the nerves announce their arrival, but ten minutes of walking meditation made the difference. When I went on stage, all the nerves were gone and I was ready.

When I walked up and down the hall way there in the basement, and my heart started pounding, and my knees got soft, I repeated over and over in my mind, “it’s fun, it’s fun, it’s fun, you love this, it’s a great feeling, YOU’RE ALIVE! “, and slowly the body turned back to a more neutral state. The nerves disappeared, the pounding heart relaxed and my legs regained their strength. Again, I demonstrated to myself that the autopilot as the subconscious mind, can be tamed and controlled when I create a focus in the RIGHT now.

The talk went great and the air crackled. After the talk, I received this message from one of the spectators,

“Hi Morten
Thank you for a sincere, good and inspirational talk. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. You know how to capture an audience  and convey your messages masterfully. I’m sure many will use you as a role model, because of the way you’ve taken control of your life and not let your eye disease control you. Wishing you all the best in the future and “Then Why worry” always brings a smile on my face because it’s so true. “

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