Inner Peace In Outer Chaos through acceptance and surrender

27. June 2023

Over the past year, after saying goodbye to the LEGO Group, I have been trying to figure out how to find inner peace in outer chaos—an issue I struggled with during an active career as a senior art director with a visual impairment.

Why do we need to find inner peace in outer chaos?

  1. To reduce the level of stress in the body.
  2. To strengthen the ability to make well-considered decisions.
  3. To create emotional balance and avoid getting trapped in negative thoughts.
  4. To generate more energy and focus on what you desire rather than what you don’t.
  5. To enhance the ability to recognize self-sabotaging patterns.

There are several pathways to inner peace, and I am convinced that the solution to one of modern humanity’s greatest challenges lies along these paths.

So, what is the challenge? A mind that never stops thinking and never rests!
A state that for many leads to burnout or worse—stress.

One of the ways to calm the thinking mind is through ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance is not about resignation but about acknowledging and embracing your current situation without attempting to change or resist it.

It involves accepting the thoughts, emotions, and circumstances that arise in the present moment without judging them as good or bad. This is something I have had to learn to master with slowly fading vision, and now I help people master it through my program at

However, being able to accept is much more challenging than many imagine. Yet, in acceptance, you find the solution to unsolvable problems and challenges by accepting that not all problems and challenges CAN be solved.

Acceptance means letting go of your resistance, prejudices, or desire to change what already is. It is as it is, and to fight against what already is, is to say no to life itself.

Another path to profound inner peace is through SURRENDER.

In our modern times, the word “surrender” often carries a negative connotation and implies weakness.

But surrender can also be understood as the ability to let go, to possess the discernment required to let go of an idea, a struggle, or an attachment to something when it is the right thing for oneself to do. For example, a job that drains more energy than it gives or an unhappy relationship that only revolves around clinging to the familiar.

Surrender means releasing your urge to control. Giving up your constant inner battle against what is and the need to be right. It means allowing life to unfold naturally as it will. Being open, trusting, and accepting of the flow of life.

By embracing acceptance and surrender, you can let go of unnecessary mental and emotional pressure and achieve greater inner peace.

This is what I already assist people with in my one-on-one sessions, and it’s what I will delve much deeper into in my upcoming book, “6 Steps to Possibility Road.”

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