Our reality

18. August 2018

What a summer! In fact, one of the most beautiful I can remember. The weather has been breathtaking and the summer holiday has offered peace and space for thought. Especially when Mette broke her poor ankle and we all had to stay on the terrace for the summer. But something that could have been a really bad experience, cause we had to say goodbye to the cottage on the West coast and a trip to Crete, ended up being a beautiful family time in the garden. We all decided to have the most beautiful vacation we could create together. With the situation that were now. This was a confirmation of an important insight I have learned in the last year. We create our reality!

Our reality is exactly the way we create it. We make it what it is. Everything starts with thoughts: an idea, a belief. All that is needed to create our reality is an idea. There is nothing in this world that has not existed as pure thought. The idea is the first level of creation. Then comes the word. When we pronounce words, it’s an expression of a thought. Then comes action. Actions are when we decide and do instead of just thinking. Actions are expressed thoughts. We create our lives with thoughts and then we live them through our actions.

The way I now live my life is to be aware of the space between thoughts and when the unexpected and what I would categorize as “bad” and uncomfortable arrives, which are often negative thoughts about situations we do not want, then I just accept them. I’m not fighting against them. I acknowledge them, but decide to let them pass as clouds in the sky. It is a choice and a decision we can make when we are conscious and leave the world of thought to rest in the being.

Our vacation was beautiful and we got closer as a family because we decided that that was what we wanted from the situation we suddenly found ourselves in. That’s how I’ve also chosen to deal with my impending blindness. It is a condition I cannot control myself. I accept it and love it as it is. It’s my life and I will get the most out of it, as it is. It’s a liberating way to live! I am grateful for what I have and love, enjoy, give and live. Just think about it: I had to loose my sight to finally see.

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