The awareness that knows

30. November 2018

It is some time ago since this dawned on me.

I guess we humans have to go through life and experience things for ourselves. We then get wiser and wiser, and more aware of the things that are important. When we meet resistance in life, death, sickness, depression, we suffer, and if we suffer enough, we will eventually have to stop, when the suffering gets unbearable.

When we stop and look at ourselves we create a point in our lifetime, where we are surprised to see, that the part we were playing in life was just a role. A rehearsed version of an entity trained by culture, habits and thoughts. But now that we have made a break in the time line, we stop and look at that entity, and we realize, that we are really what is deep within the entity – the awareness that can now observe the entity. And it’s such a surprise, that the awareness now starts to laugh in relief about the realization, that it can be whatever it wants to be.

The role/entity dissolves and the seeking and struggling stops, cause from now on the awareness is aware of itself on a higher level. It now knows that there are no limits to what it can achieve. It can decide to be a speaker and inspire people, or it can decide to be a kind entity, that creates positivity around it, and it can play all the roles it wants to without being identified with the roles.

Now everything starts to come into balance and the realisation comes, that this world is a playground for us to explore and have fun on. The time here on earth is paradise, and if we choose to suffer and play the role of the victim, then that is our choice, but if we decide to play the part of the entity that knows, that the law of this universe is to bring love and compassion, then we can influence and create whatever we want to create.

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