The meditative state

10. January 2021

In my book Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? A Journey from Hopelessness Street to Possibility Road I describe how meditation became a state that helped me change my thoughts and perspective on losing my sight, and it helped me to start seeing possibilities rather than limitations in life.  Many have asked me how to meditate and how to get started.  Let me make it very simple here.

Meditation moved the veil of smoke that blurred my senses from realizing that life is a gift and that we have the ability to create our desired reality in our thoughts. We first create an idea – a thought from the mind, and then we give this thought energy through an emotion – either love or fear. This emotion and the thought fuelled with love or fear becomes a feeling and belief in the heart. This belief will manifest itself as something that enriches your life or weighs it down.

You can train yourself to feed your ideas with love rather than fear by creating an empty space between the idea and the emotion, where you can make a conscious decision with your full presence. Love over fear.

Meditation helps you to be able to create that empty space.

In this guided meditation, you can let yourself sink slowly into the meditative state.

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