What I think, I become

19. April 2018

In August of 2017, I started my project “Challenge Limitations”. It had dawned on me that I the last 14 years had lived my life in the shadow of an eye disease that slowly robs me sight. The downturn came slowly creeping over the years, and culminated in December 2016, when I simply gave up. I didn’t care about anything anymore. “Take my job. Take my car Take my life”. I was done! I could not fall deeper. And in the depths, I suddenly got a glimpse of something new. I suddenly saw a different life for me.

“A life where I no longer worry about losing sight. A life where I take chances and play with the opportunities that present themselves. A life in freedom “.

The glimpse of a different future than the one I was heading for, was what was needed to pry me loose from the grip of ice cold hopelessness. I was inspired by the possibility to live a life other than what I had been living for the last 14 years since the doctor said “you are going to lose your sight Morten”. Not so much a new life on the outer plane, but on the inside.

I decided that in my new life I wanted to be able to see opportunities where I before only saw limitations. I started an intense self-study in psychology, philosophy, neurology, meditation and – yes, almost anything I could get my hands on that could bring me on. And, of course, I did not understand all that I absorbed, I understood enough to move on. The two most important things I learned were:

  1. What I think and focus on, I become, and if I think and focus on all the things I think I can’t do, and keep telling myself that I’m limited by my eye disease – then that’s what I am!
  2. The subconscious mind controls our lives! If I don’t teach myself to bring enough consciousness into everyday life, I will continue to be my old self.

Thus, inspired by an inner fire – a strong intension to change my perspective on life, I gave myself four challenges that would lead me from hopelessness and into the path of possibilities. That story I tell in my talk “SENTENCED TO BLINDNESS – THEN WHAT?”. To give talks about my journey was my challenge number four and the challenge continues.

We are what we tell ourselves we are, and we are the story we tell ourselves and others – about ourselves. Change the story and you change your life. I discovered that the only limitations I have are those I create in my mind. I was sentenced blind – and so what! I needed blindness to learn how to see.

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