What does gratitude do?

12. January 2020

Something I have discovered is that we become what we think. The thoughts we consciously and unconsciously think create emotions that cause us to act accordingly. Repetition of thoughts defines the life we get and the person we become.

But we can influence the way we think.

Gratitude is an amazing feeling.
Gratitude is a prerequisite for happiness.
Gratitude is a kind of superpower.

Gratitude is light for our minds. It helps us feel happy, whole, enriched, and gives confidence. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with our lives, the feeling of gratitude can make us focus on the good in what we encounter.

You may think this is just another day in your life.
It’s not just another day.
This is the one day you will get today.
You get it for free.
It’s a gift.

And the most natural reaction to this gift is gratitude.

Tomorrow try to do this. You can decide to practice in discovering reasons to feel gratitude.
if you learn to react as if it were the first day of your life and the last day, then you’ve got most of the day.

If you can open your heart to the incredible gifts that our everyday life gives us, you will experience something incredible.

You can’t help but feel happy.

You turn on a switch and there is electric light.
You turn a faucet and there is hot water and cold water. Drinking water! It is a gift that millions and millions in the world will never experience.

These are just a few of a huge number of gifts that we can open our hearts to.

When you open your eyes tomorrow, be surprised that you have eyes you can open.

Look up at the sky.
We rarely see the sky.
We rarely notice how it changes appearance from moment to moment. With clouds coming and going.

Even with the weather we don’t think of all the many nuances of weather there is. We are just thinking of good or bad weather.

Then you will find that the day will be a really good day.

This day has had truly unique weather.
The clouds you saw in the sky today will never be the same again. Did you see them? I always remember seeing them – it makes me feel grateful.

Look at the faces you will encounter tomorrow when you come to work or where you are going. Behind the faces, there is a human being who becomes as happy with a smile as you do.

Try to send your warmest smile to each of the faces you meet. Notice the smile that comes back and when you see it, notice how it makes you happy. It gives you the feeling that you just gave and received something very valuable. Feel the gratitude for this experience.

Tomorrow I want you to open yourself up to all these gifts and let them flow through you. Then everyone you meet on this day will receive a gift from you. And you will receive one from them.

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